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new muxta…. err, playlist

September 19th, 2008 by Jeremy Smears leave a comment »

Ok, its been a while since we’ve done one of these mixes. Since the RIAA done went and shut down Muxtape in my best interests as a label — great, thanks — I’m gonna give this imeem biz a go.

house of horrors#3

Puce Moment – The Citrus Smelling Man
Puce Moment are the rain in your psychedelic day dream.

The Aerosols – China
The Aerosols are the sun in your psychedelic day dream.

Twin Crystals – Spell On You #2
Twin Crystals hail from Vancouver and do a nice update on the sound made by The Units. I’ve been playing this song to death. I’m putting this on here because I want them to play a show here in town and I don’t want to pay sixteen dollars to import their seven inch from Canada (I don’t know why its so expensive what with there being nothing wrong with the American economy).

Late Young – Buzzards
For a while, my musical diet was almost ninety percent noise based. Then I quit it cold turkey for straight up songs. I feel the calling for some noise coming back. Late Young do a noisy, no wave freak out thing, but with a beat that you can dance to for thirty seconds.

The Floating Corpses – Soap Operas And Knives
These guys… these guys! I don’t fully comprehend their goth opera concoction but I rather like it.

Gary War – Obscure Preferences
When this guy played at them Hemlock a few months ago it was sparsely attended at best. His album is spaced out and hissy psychedelic pop that sounds best at night. Live it was loud, fuzzy, and reverby. You missed out by being wherever you were. His album, New Raytheonport, is out now on Disaro / SHDWPLY.

Brian Glaze – Killing Time
This song also has that hiss-y bedroom pop recording style that is so popular with the Ariel Pink set, but this comes from a certain (late) seventies rock/pop perspective. Also, unlike a lot of this sort of hiss-y stuff, this is a pretty solid song. I think, in the literature, people refer to this meshing of styles as juxtaposition and it works quite nicely here bringing something new to the table regardless of which side of the equation you’re coming from.

Mon Cousin Belge – The Ugly American
I don’t think I’ve mentioned these guys have an album called Quelle Horreur out, have I?

Shannon And The Clams – Jimmy
Retro girl group worship with the levels pushed into the red, delivered with John Waters style camp and histrionics. Don’t be a hater and write it off because you think you’ve heard it before, this band is charming. I buy Shannon as a bad girl and her voice is a little off kilter with a forties kind of flare to it. Also, who doesn’t love a good dead boyfriend song?

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