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SMiLE tonight! Arts Expo @ Dolores Park Tomorrow!

September 26th, 2008 by Jeremy Smears leave a comment »

Do me a favor already, go to this please. Brian Glaze is rad.


The Knockout (3223 Mission @Valencia)
Brian Glaze & The Nightshift –
White Music –
Les Sylphides

This dude — he knows how to have a good time and he knows how to include you, on stage and off. On stage he will deliver his pop/rock gems; he will give it his all until he falls off of the stage onto you (I’ve seen it).You should go over to his myspace page right now and check out the music. The song “Leader of the Band” works some kind of Elton John groove that you will not be able to shake, I swear it. I’ve been trying to shake it for a month now and I’ve still got it.

Seen at a party he will impart wisdom on the subject of world music and how awesome it was for Paul Simon and Peter Gabriel and how there would be no Animal Collective without its influence on them while his friends laugh hysterically and you try to work it out. He will stand in the front at a show and scream and beg for one more song until there are beer soaked girls wrestling on the floor because they are so desperate to hear this song he is screaming for.

You will have fun. I’m not familliar with the other bands, but here’s what the Smile email had to say:
At 10pm, you can begin to absorb the subtle and seductive messages of Les Sylphides.
By 11pm, you should be sufficiently primed to succumb to the one-touch hypnosis of White Music.

Brian Glaze and The Night ShiftBrian Glaze and The Night Shift

On Saturday afternoon, I guarantee you should go to Dolores Park and have a beer and check out the Arts Expo instead of blog/catch up on blogs/fret over your investments/watch Tabitha’s Salon Takeover/freebase or do whatever it is you do on a Saturday afternoon.

4pm The Aerosols
3pm Uni & Her Ukelele’s Ding! String Trio
2:30 Foxtails Brigade

I went and saw the Aerosols a while back and then didn’t write about it because I couldn’t think of anything to say other than I really liked it. I still can’t but thats stupid, I should just write this: I really liked their brand of psychedelic pop music. You should go see them tomorrow, maybe they’ll do that cover of Lucifer Sam again that got all the kids at SMiLE that night dancing.

The Aerosols
The Aerosols

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