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Flier Fight round 2

September 30th, 2008 by the all knowing eye 2 comments »

This time the stakes are higher. Two shows. One night. Mon Cousin Belge vs The Passionistas. USA vs BELGIUM. The City vs The East Bay. Sooo Deep:

Mon Cousin Belge – Tweaker Bitch

Download it!MCB – Tweaker Bitch

@ TransAm (1151 Folsom St)
Mon Cousin Belge
Vivianne Moore

Mon Cousin Belge @ TransAm

The Passionistas – Don’t Hit Snooze (Live)

Download it!The Passionistas – Don’t Hit Snooze (live)

Ghost Town Gallery

Dream Date
The Passionistas
Ty Segall

Passionistas Flyer

Which will you choose? Which show is right for you? Are you more east bay or san francisco, gay or… not so gay. There are implicit lifestyle implications in your choice!!! ZOMG don’t get weighed down and stay at home. Be a super fan and go to both, its all on the line!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to “Flier Fight round 2”

  1. Aaronmayfieldsunshine Says:

    oh yeah good way to get that gay audience- put the hot girl in the video flyer.
    Uh huh.

  2. thePassionistas Says:

    Ok, why you should go to the Passionista show:

    1. Oakland is the new Mission.
    2. Aaron is single!!!!
    3. 4 bands vs. 1 band- value value value
    4. Across the street- delicious food vs. Walnut Creek party bus
    5. People with confusing sexualities are the new gays (is Aaron gay? did Andrew really go home with Hunx? Is Tina actually a crypto-lesbro? Is myles gonna come out again- as str8???).
    6. Davy will def. be attending trans-am. He likes to pretend he’s friends with lots of people.
    7. Going to Oakland is like going on a vay-cay- it’s practically Napa!

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