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salon de Mon Cousin Belge: more MCB Show and Record Reviews

September 12th, 2008 3 comments »
Guardian Promo

“Hipsters, next time stick around even if your friends don’t. San Francisco fags and those who love them elevate MCB to cult-band status. I don’t make history, but I dig it.” – Guardian Blog

Look, we’re not pointing any fingers, but you should listen to the lady. Although, actually, we’re also not sure what she’s on about. There were people everywhere and we want to personally thank all of you for coming out a few weeks ago and having a good time. Well, we wish we could thank each of you personally, but this post is going to have to do.

We, as in World Famous in SF, were super stoked to have The Passionistas, BRIDEZ, and Girls sharing the stage with Mon Cousin Belge that evening and all everybody done made us proud. It was like showing up to a party and running into all of your friends there unexpectedly. The Passionistas greeted everyone with champagne, BRIDEZ are that loud drunk friend that you actually want at your party, Girls invited us into their bedroom for something a little more intimate, and MCB… well, we don’t know that we’ve ever been to a party that has had something like MCB in attendance. At least, not a party we’d talk about in polite company.

Our friends over at The Bay Bridged came and took some really nice photos:

The Passionistas by ozreiuosn.Bridez by ozreiuosn.Girls by ozreiuosn.
Mon Cousin Belge by ozreiuosn.Mon Cousin Belge by ozreiuosn.Mon Cousin Belge by ozreiuosn.
Photos by L. Oz Beckers.

Don’t worry if you just couldn’t make it, we believe in second chances! Mon Cousin Belge will be playing on October 4th at TransAm, a monthly gay rock ‘n roll spectacle! If you still need some convincin’ before coming to check out The Belge, check out these new reviews of Quelle Horreur:

“in a city that’s got such a great history for campy, subversive and wonderfully queer art and music it’s actually kind of sad to say that it’s becoming more rare to find a really good charged and dazzling homo-rock band around these parts lately. Luckily Mon Cousin Belge have been filling that void quite nicely.” – Aquarius Records

“This is hard core singing folks…Mahalia Jackson gone bad…Bessie Smith bleeding out in a hospital E.R.” – Whisperin And Hollerin

three nights

September 11th, 2008 Comments Off

I said I was back and then I don’t post for two weeks. I’ve been too busy wasting time setting up a facebook profile. I hate facebook. I tried to wait it out, but I lost. Why isn’t that totally over yet? Anyway, the next three nights I will not be lurking about the internet and I will be at all of these events even when it isn’t possible:

Thursday 9/11/2008
You know we love Doug and Thursdays at the eagle (I think, since that last post he finally got Carol’s load out of his hair). We love The Ohsees. We love the Sic Alps (and they have to have a better night tonight). And Ty Segall has been consistently entertaining every time I’ve seen him. This has good time written all over it.

9 PM @ The Eagle Tavern
Thee Oh Sees –
Sic Alps –
Ty Segall –

Friday 9/12/2008
@ The Hemlock Tavern
As you know, I love girls (shut it). I wouldn’t miss this one either! Also, did you see, our very own Legs has piece about the boys in this weeks guardian.

Girls –
Ty Segall –
Master Slash Slave –


@ Ghost Town Gallery
Sir Lord Von Raven went way up in my book when I heard they threatened to give the sound guy at the rickshaw stop a gorilla mask. Not because I have anything against the rickshaw stop, but because I had never heard the term gorilla mask before.

Sir Lord Von Raven –
Ooga Boogas –
Touch Me Nots –

@The Knockout
This is the after party. Oldies courtesy of Primo and co! Its Nasty!


Saturday 9/13/2008
@ Gilman St
This show will be worth going to Gilman St and feeling like you’re a million years old because BRIDEZ keeps getting better, The Floating Corpses keep getting freakier, and Hunx and Junx can party.


Bridez –
The Floating Corpses –
Hunx & Hist Punx –
The No Gos
Younger Lovers

@ deco
And this is the after party. Italo Disco sexy sleazy after hours fun times in the heart of the tenderloin courtesy of Primo and co.

Ferrarri –

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