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Bronze – The Rouge Became b/w Wits

July 14th, 2010 by the all knowing eye leave a comment »

Listen: The Rouge Became

Buy: The Rouge Became b/w Wits

After blowing us away for years with their live show, we’re excited to announce the release of The Rouge Became b/w Wits by Bronze. Featuring members of C.L.A.W.S., The Vanishing and Fuckwolf, Bronze perform a bit of alchemy, turning psychedelic, dance, post punk, and krautrock into their own dark, hypnotic thing.

Think Section 25 fronted by Nico. Think Suicide fronted by William Shatner. Think The Doors. Don’t think at all! Bronze will put you into the deep freeze on the dancefloor with their impersonal dark wave performance thing. Two new jams full of pounding drums, synth squiggles and zombie vocals eminating from the heart of the concrete jungle in the dead of night. And on a fancy little picture disc to boot!

Limited to 500 so get it while you can.

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